Alternative Medications for Bipolar Disorder

In this Post I will share the Alternative Medications for Bipolar Disorder. We know bipolar disorder is a serious mood disorder characterize cycles of depression and mania. Mood cycles can occur only a few times per year. Maybe as often as multiple times per day in rare cases. Periods of depression are characterizing by sadness, loss of interest in pleasurable activities. Maybe you can feelings of hopelessness. Mania typically leads to a euphoric feeling of happiness and energy. Also its resulting in reckless behaviors such as excessive spending, engaging in risky sexual behaviors. You can face driving dangerously or making grandiose plans. Numerous prescription medications are available to treat the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Also alternative medications such as vitamins and supplements. Here is some supplement that you can know about them. Fell free to read and decide the best option for you.

GABA For Bipolar Disorder

GABA is a compound similar to amino acids that affect neurotransmitters within our brain. Now a days GABA is available in supplements. We can used to treat numerous disorders including mood instability. Common prescription medications for bipolar disorder. Specially as Depakote and GABApentin affect GABA production and usage in the brain. Doctor Jim Haggerty, M.D. saying clearly showing the role GABA plays in the brain of those with bipolar disorder. GABA supplements should not be taken with a prescription medication containing GABA. As side effects may occur from too much GABA including shortness of breath, or tingling or numbness in your hands or feet.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids For Bipolar Disorder

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in certain fish as well as in supplement form. It has a numerous health benefits. Preliminary research conducted in partnership with Harvard Medical School examined if omega-3s can help improve mood among patients with bipolar disorder. Results published in the Archives of General Psychiatry showed that patients given omega-3 fatty acids had a significantly longer remission period between mood cycles than those not given the supplements.

Phenylalanine For Bipolar Disorder

We know phenylalanine is an amino acid within the body that is essential for our health. It can be found in both foods as well as supplements. A small body of clinical research has examined the effectiveness of Phenylalanine in supplement form to stabilize mood, particularly depression. The research has not been well regulated and further studies are needed. However, Some patients did report an improved mood when they are taking phenylalanine. The University of Maryland Medical Center explains that mood stabilization occurs because phenylalanine increases production of brain chemicals. Such as dopamine and norepinephrine, making this an ideal supplement for patients with bipolar disorder.

So you can use some supplements like GABA or Omega -3 Or phenylalanine. If you want to buy some Gaba then you may visit our Page – How to Buy GABA. We add some best products only for you. Before taking any supplement or drugs you should talk to a specialist. This is for your own safety.

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