GABA for Wrinkle Reduction

GABA or gamma aminobutyric acid is a popular but as yet unproven antidote to sagging, wrinkled skin. Purveyors of anti-wrinkle creams containing GABA argue that the substance’s muscle-relaxing qualities should act in a manner similar to Botox when applied to the surface of the skin, inhibiting minute facial movements that, over time, contribute to wrinkles. However, while GABA supplements have proven effective as anti-anxiety, anti-insomnia and overall mood-enhancing aids. There is no conclusive evidence to support the topical use of GABA products for wrinkle reduction.

GABA Function for Wrinkle Reduction

Gamma aminobutyric acid is a non-essential amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter in the body. GABA occurs naturally in the body as an inhibitory transmitter, relaxing rather than stimulating responses. And thus contributing to relaxed muscles, steady moods and healthy sleep patterns. It is also present in a number of different foods including nuts, seeds, soy products, whey, seafood, whole grains, brewer’s yeast, beans, eggs and other dairy products.

GABA Benefits for Wrinkle Reduction

GABA is an effective and all-natural aid for conditions ranging from anxiety and insomnia to epileptic seizures and muscle spasms. The substance inhibits rapid nerve cell activity. Calming an overloaded nervous system and maintaining internal balance. GABA also aids in the secretion of the human growth hormone (HGH). It can subsequently contribute to the development of lean muscle mass.

gaba supplyment GABA for Wrinkle Reduction

Uses GABA For Wrinkle Reduction

Because of its calming and growth-enhancing benefits, GABA is commonly used as both a relaxation aid and an ingredient in body-building formulas. As noted above, GABA is also a popular ingredient in anti-wrinkle creams and treatments: theoretically, the amino acid’s role as an inhibiting neurotransmitter would translate to topical use, preserving the integrity of collagen and elastin and both preventing and counteracting sagging skin.

GABA For Debate

Despite its use in a variety of anti-wrinkle creams, GABA is not a decisively effective ingredient for topical wrinkle reduction. The supplement’s internal effects-increased lean muscle mass, better sleep patterns and reduced anxiety-may all contribute to healthier aging and even wrinkle reduction through less stress. But, as with any alternative remedy or nutritional supplement, consult your doctor before using GABA.

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